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Skarpe seire fra Doyle

Halvor Seiløe Smith, som tidligere har holdt foredrag om seil i HSF har videresendt bilder og følgende skamros om Doyles Stratis-seil fra Australia:

Dear All.
Just a brief bit of News from Australia. Congratulations to Geoff Boettcher and crew on SMB3.5 (Secret Men’s Business 3.5) have just won the Audi Victoria week.
The IRC GP fleet had 27 of the best boats and crews in Australia. Geoff has had a difficult couple of years of sailing so it is great to see him back on top. At Hamilton island race week a couple of years back the old SMB2 (RP47) was the unfortunate meat in the sandwich in a collision on the first start line of the regatta. Unfortunately the boat was written off so unable to compete during the rest of the week.
Then while getting trucked back to the shed the mast was broken. The decision was made to save some parts of the old boat and build a new hull and deck (SMB3 RP48).
With the designs from Reichel Pugh office getting a little extreme the new boat unfortunately performed a little under expectations, So back to the shed again… With a new hull SMB 3.5 (RP51) was back in the water. With some recut sails from the old boat (budget was getting a bit tight) and some new Stratis sails the RP guys look like they have got it right and the boat is obviously performing well. Well done boys after a frustrating couple of years.
At the same regatta Surprise won Div 3 in both IRC & AMS with all Doyle sails, Stratis Main,J1,J2,J3 and 2 Spinnakers,
Also Swordfish Trombone who won AMS Division 2 also had Doyle Stratis J1,J2 panel J3 and new masthead Spinnaker Andrew Hunns Cape 40 «Mr Kite» won line honors in the Launceston to Hobart yacht race with new Stratis sails, See pic’s attached. Tow Truck – Sydney to Hobart – Division 2 -1st Eat My Shorts – Adams 10 Australian championship- 1st TS16 Australian Championships.
These are a 16ft 2 man trailor sailor with only a Dacron main and jib.
Regards John Hearne Doyle Sailmakers Australia

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